Shadow Host - Darkness Descends Lyrics

Shadow Host Lyrics

Darkness Descends Lyrics
From Desert Plain One Night They Came
Unholy Creatures With No Name
Invincible Cruel Enemies
Turned Hollow Land To Tragedy

The Blackened Sky
The Evil Dream
The Flame Of War
Is Burning Higher

Darkness Descends Upon Our Beloved Homeland
Fire In The Sky, Blood On The Sand

Oh Father Can You Tell Me
What Happens To Us All?
I Don't Believe My Eyes
There's Something Deadly Wrong

Outraging Horde
Of Howling Beasts
The Feast Of Death
What For We Pay This Price?

Darkness Descends Upon Our Beloved Homeland
The End Of These Days - It Seems Close At Hand

Our World Is Dying, Can't You See?
The Kingdom Cries In Agony
Devastation Lies Ahead
Vile Carnage Rules All Over The Land

Darkness Descends On Our Beloved Homeland
The Desperation Grows - We Are Condemned

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