Shadow Gallery - With Honor Lyrics

Shadow Gallery Lyrics

With Honor Lyrics
Guns slung low and taught
Iron fists re-grip and tighten down
Pressing hard and close
Scanning eyes alive search all around
Unleash hell and fire
Raining chaos crashing in
The screaming in the streets calling far away
I taste the shock
The perfume of this war

Far away - Far away
I stand and dream of going home
Far away - Far away
I lay down in this mess
I'm scared and brave as stone

Foreign lands of sinking sands
So strange and unfamiliar
And Holden to the code of honor
Bound to defend
We are strong
Believe the warrior inside
Won't turn away
With honor we will not turn away

Don't forget about God's reason to be
It's all arranged
The ancient call
To one and all
Take arms and go
Don't you forget about it
Don't even set your mind to roam

Desert wind blows hot save for the night time
Turn your gaze to the mirage
A simple word can't describe the ruins
And you're burdened with the questions now at hand
They turn to dust

Sorrowful the dirge
The song
The wailing of the wounded
No respite from the battle at the
Edge of the fray
Night is falling
There's been funeral pyres
Been burning on for lifetimes
With honor we will not walk away

[Keyboard solo - Gary]
[Harmony guitar solo - Gary]
[Guitar solo - Brian]
[Guitar solo - Gary]

When Consolation wears a hidden smile (hidden smile)

I erase my yesterdays
(All of them - every one)

And all my complaints fade into gray
(Fade to gray - fade, fading)

My faith aligned with my fate
(My spirit soars - I see your face)

Over again I set my aim
To the place that I call

Tension never lets
Always on the edge and on the guard
Never dream of sleep
Wayward flares illuminate the dark
Hold the line and run
Random sniper fire sends shots
I'm hurdling the snares
Trying to cripple me
Against bloodshot sky
And watching moon

Far away - Far away
We hunker down and disappear
Far away - Far away
In black we're waiting:
For the daybreak
And the earth shake
For sunrise

Heroes bleed the same as you
When smitten with the combat
You swallow fury
With every breath
Every breath
Set the flag and carry on
And carry on into unknown
With honor we will not walk away
Home some day

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