Shabazz The Disciple - War Trilogy (M.I.A. - Militia Incarcerated Alien) Lyrics

Shabazz The Disciple Lyrics

War Trilogy (M.I.A. - Militia Incarcerated Alien) Lyrics
[Verse 1: Shabazz]
No time to think, we on annihilation's brink
I overheard them say they had free in a observation tank
I reached the headquarters with a vengeance
Blew the vault off the hinges
Jigged a souljah in his neck with syringes
Gagged him to a motherf*cking chair while shots were ringing out
F*ck Geneva Convention!! We pulling fingers out
My P.O.W.'s be tortured up in Riker's
My snipers laced the base with activated time devices
6 of my militia went down, they held me prisoner
I'm staring eye to eye with the enemy's commisioner
The 1st chance a nigga get and i'ma shank him
I caught on to the arabic nigga saying let's bang him
The only thing on my mind was: where's my cousin?
Thinking freestyle was bleeding to death, but he wasn't
Surrounded in the dark, interrogated by these agents
One arab nigga spit in my face and lost his patience
He cocked his AK and put it right inside my mouth
Started screaming, if I ain't tell him the plan, he'll blow my brains out!
I started laughing tryna use reverse psychology
My time was running out, in this jihad I'll be a casualty
Praying: bismillah, rakmin el raheem
And then they realized, we all from the same regime
They radioed for a huey, the 7th wing assailants
All along the CIA had us all under surveillence
We evacuated with freestyle in 9 minutes prompt
A SCUD struck the Huey, and we crash landed in the swamp!!

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