Shabazz The Disciple - War Trilogy (Ambush) Lyrics

Shabazz The Disciple Lyrics

War Trilogy (Ambush) Lyrics
(feat. Freestyle)

Ambush, souljah brigade strapped with critically laced grenades
Stomp through swamp waters like the everglades
Ducking chopper blades

Ready to deploy, fleet ascended to 20 thousand feet
No retreat until the mission's complete

Yeah! the fleet of burach, in the phoenix formation
Civilization wipeout, chemical warfare and radiation
7 guerillas descending out of 9 hueys
63 man militia surround perimiters of the enemy

Your prime meridian's bout to see oblivion, due to their karma
Ground and air attack, 25 soldiers out in stealth bombers

The god's work regime moving in with odorless oximes
Toxoid vaccines and atropine
Wiping out organisms in 7 million mile radius
Attack by stratagem, mortal remains are miscellaneous

Hitting the right coordinance, to sink ya battleship
Subordinate inadequate conditions, your position's still unfortunate

Ground attack, air attack, sea attack, we attack, the industry attack!
Yo! army of god invade the premises, annihilate the nemesis,
Fulfill the prophecies of Genesis!!!

Yo! I march through ya barracks, spraying automatics
Hold ya pawns hostage, heist all ya carrots
Seize ya infantry, eventually they sing like parrots
Spies couldn't see their own demise in the tarots
Ya 1st platoon's D.O.A. and M.I.A.
Soldiers are P.O.W. we move like the CIA
We leave no evidence or fingerprints, court adjourned
Y'all mortals better join ranks and crown the sovereign!

I cover covert operation, classified information
Rolling in the form of insects with the gift of regeneration
In my oculus, night vision binoculars
Peeping it through a periscope
Sitting on nuclear bombs with different isotopes
This assignment: critical governmental re-alignment
Total annihilation, your administration's in confinement
Solitary military, end of transmission
This tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds!!!

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