Shabazz The Disciple - Die Trying Lyrics

Shabazz The Disciple Lyrics

Die Trying Lyrics
'Preme, all right, 'Preme,
that roughneck shit is cool and all,
but what else you got, man?
(aight, man, yo, man, check this
shit out, I got some shit for the radio,
man, I'm ready to f*cking hit it)

"Brother, brother, brother"

[Shabazz The Disciple]
Once again, the intellectual black child
is here to let knownledge be born on the track
While I massage your mental and exercise your temple
So potential as I rip the instrumental
I'm that type of brother that got shit locked down
Whoever tries to stand in my way, they gets knocked down
No time to relax, gotta move fast
Just pass the obsticles in my new path
It's time to blow up, I gotta work hard
Cuz when you're lazy, my brother, you gets barred
90 miles per an hour is the rate as I motivate
I have to eliminate the dead weight
Brothers are tugged along like children
Trying to slow me down and prevent me from building
Excellerating, prospering in Hell and
Evading to turn their lack of motivation
I revolve like the Earth rotates on it's axis
Bust some ass while my mother relaxes
Stay in the ghetto if you're willing to eat your own
I'm sick of living the lifestyle of the poor and alone
I've suffered enough, the struggle took mad long
It's time take and moan, control and add on
I knew deep down to myself that I wasn't lying
Either I'ma make it or I'ma die trying

[Chorus x1.5: "Sample", (Shabazz The Disciple)]
"Brother, brother, brother"
"I'll stand here"
"There's far too many struggles"
"I'll stand here"
(Either I'ma make it or I'ma die trying)

[Shabazz The Disciple]
I was raised in the place where you don't want to be
Drugs and guns over-rule the society
To me it's like an essence of drug dealers and murderers
Crack heads, prostitutes, drugs and burgulars
Whenever went on, I knew the cops were here into it
It took a crime for them to get to it
I've been to mad wakes and funerals
Most of y'all understand what that pressure can do to you
But I kept my mind in an upward glance
Expanding me skills, waiting for a chance
The day where I can rhyme and shine
And here I am getting paid to tell the world what's on my mind
Standing my grounds like I'm supposed to
Possess the skills most can't come close to
I won't stop fighting until it's time to
Cuz I have a destine to rule I will climb to
Besides all the pressure and the strain on my brain
I'm striving cuz I was able to maintain
I didn't let no one change my decisions
Blow me off course and try to blurry my visions
Four plus a head with the skills that I'm blessed with
I'm going all out until the snake is infested
A community where everybody is dying
Either I'ma make it or I'ma die trying

[Chorus x1.5]

[Shabazz The Disciple]
A lot of times I almost got wasted
Death was mad close, but I wasn't ready to face it
I know I'm still here for a purpose
Just seen all me people leaving in hurses
Most of my brothers were slain in the drug game
It tore me apart, but here I still remain
Have to feel the pain and it hurts, yo
There comes a point in life where you have to convert, so
Here I am striving for a little perfection
Headed in a new direction, using my mind for protection
Because your mind is worse than any other weapon
A feel luck that I didn't end up dying
All my brothers didn't make it, but they died trying

[Chorus x3]

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