S Club Juniors - We Got You Lyrics

S Club Juniors Lyrics

We Got You Lyrics
We got you jumpin' hooplahs

You took a silly kind of look into my head
I don't need a pretty face to hide my cred
It's no wonder that you try to play it cool
Well, you're gonna realise that you're my fool
No matter what I do, you keep chasing me
Cos everywhere I go, you're the one I see
So keep walking, get into full swing
Keep moving cos I'm sick of your talking
Rule one, you know you've gotta have fun
It's how I begun, and it's what we've become
Rules two and three will make you wonderful to me
Relax, stay cool and be just what you gotta be

We got you jumping hooplahs in your sleep
We got you like the kitty's got the cream
We got you where we want, but you don't got me
You know we got you real good
We got you like the desert's got the sun
We got you climbing mountains just for fun
We got you wrapped around our fingers and our thumbs
You know we got you real good

I'm so amazed how far you seem to go
Too entertaining, go and get your own show
It would take a miracle for you to get respect
You'll go crazy cause you're playin' with my intelect
Don't call us cos we'll call you
We got you hooked, lined and sinker and we'll tell you what to do
Take a chance now, walk the plank now
Come on, come on, you gotta show me how
You gotta loop the loop, you gotta jump the hooplah
Count to three, cos you know we're gonna get ya
If you wanna get with us, don't fight, don't fuss
Just give us some respect, you know it's kinda obvious


We gotcha, we gotcha

You know you're gettin played, I'm here to stay
You know that I'll be using you all the way
Cos you're easy peasy, lemon squeezy
I'm gonna knock you over, all breezy
You're as simple as ABC, yeah
And you know you wanna get it together with me
Cos I'm the madness' sucking you in
You can't get enough of this as we play

We gotcha, we gotcha

[Chorus to fade]

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