S Club Juniors - Taloo Lyrics

S Club Juniors Lyrics

Taloo Lyrics
I think it's comin' from far away-ay
Betta get your skates on today-ay
On the roof top, things are lookin' hot
But what more have you go-go-go-got?

Boomin' through the airline system
I see, I see one heck of a lady
Her name is Taloo Westandbroombomom
Can't ya see she has a baby?
Uh-oh no way can it be today!

Everyone laughin' at this woman
They're just jealous cos she ca-ca-ca-ca-can
Her name's so unique,and she listens to music
Her favourite is mis-teeq
She's so strong and you're so weak


'How dare you be so cruel' I said
Shouldn't you be payin respect?
Yes you should, yes you should
Wouldn't it be nice? Yes it would
But now you're distant
Far away
You know that you couldn't
Be that lady any day


You don't know
Singin' you don't know
Just which way to go
Oh no-o-o-o

(chorus till fade)

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