S Club Juniors - She's So Cool Lyrics

S Club Juniors Lyrics

She's So Cool Lyrics
we dont see much of pretty kitty round here anymore
she's gone and got herself a whole new set of fancy friends
she say's were too straight laced and two faced
with our 2.5 and our mercedes benz

she hangs out at ryans with some tasty trouble
drinking absolute and tonic way past 3
squeezing those lemons and those juicy barmen
wearing her love-bite like some kinda trophe

woahhh woahhh
kitty doesn't want a dinner party life
she wont be
a 24/7 wife
dont tell her to grow up she'll tell you to shut up
she just has to showoff and they say
oooooh ooooh oooh woah

she's so cool

she's gone and found herself a tasty toyboy
he's got the stamina of 42 men
he reminds her of duracell bunny
just keeps on going 'n' going 'n' going again

while we're at home having are tupperware party
she's off having her own little party for 2
its not like we're competition or nothing
but i think i'd rather be her wouldn't you

woahh woahhh


shes so coool
(shes so cool)
yeh shes so cool

ba da da da da da ba da da da da ba da da da da da
ooooh woahh oooh woahh

(chorus x2)

shes so cool
yeh shes so cool
shes so cool

look at you girl
yeh come on kitty

shes so cool
woaahhh woahhh woahh yeh heh

shes so cool yeh
she so cool

repeat till end

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