Santana - Persuasion Lyrics

Santana Lyrics

Persuasion Lyrics
You got persuasion
I can't help myself
You got persuasion
I can't help myself
Something about you baby
Keeps me from goin' to somebody else

Yeah, I'm where you want me now, now, now baby
You put me in a daze all the time
Look what you got for me baby
Like the devil in disguise
Something about you baby
You're one, you're one of a kind

Oh this spell you put on me is just like thunder, babe
I can't keep the rain from comin' down
Look out now, can't get out from under
But I wouldn't want to even if I can
Something about you baby
Make me feel, make me feel like a man

[Thanks to sander8643 for correcting these lyrics]
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