Sandler Adam - Assistant Principals Big Day Lyrics

Sandler Adam Lyrics

Assistant Principals Big Day Lyrics
Words by Jim MartinMusic by Brian Green
Alone, walking the city streets
The nights they can seem so long
And the world can feel cold when there's no one
To hold you close when the curtains are drawn
Walkin' by hearts beat side by side
In the dark they can see them glow
They just shine through the night
Like a beacon that's bright
With a feeling I used to know
Tell me who loves the lonely hearts
Who keeps them warm at night
Who picks them up when their world falls apart
Who loves the lonely hearts
At home I can see her in my dreams
And I don't see where we went wrong
But I still feel the cost from when I loved and lost
My soul to a woman who's gone
But tonight no one seems to understand
That love isn't easy to make
They're just passing me by while I'm dying inside
From a heart that continues to break
Repeat Chorus

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