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Sam Salter Lyrics

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From the Album Strictly For Da Bedroom (2009) (buy at
Strictly For Da Bedroom
When My Heart Cries

From the Album The Little Black Book (2000) (buy at
The Little Black Book
Once My Shit (Always My Shit)
Color Of Love
You Don't Have To Be Lonely
Love Again

From the Album It's On Tonight (1997) (buy at
It's On Tonight
Your Face
After 12, Before 6
It's On Tonight
Give Me My Baby
There You Are
I Love You Both
Show You That I Care
Every Time A Car Drives By
Thinkin' & Trippin'
It Took A Song
On My Heart
Coulda' Been Me
After 12, Before 6 (Ghetto Fabulous Remix)

Other Songs:
Cheating On Me
Never Cross
Sinking In Quick Sand
Straight To Heaven

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