Sammy Kershaw - Through The Eyes Of A Woman Lyrics

Sammy Kershaw Lyrics

Through The Eyes Of A Woman Lyrics
Telephone talkin' ol' flame in austin
just reminising from out of the blue
no it ain't cheatin' thats what your thinkin'
but i'll bet your baby sees it different than you

Through the eyes of a woman
Everything you do means a whole lot
More than it might mean to you.
Through the eyes of a woman
Love ain't what you say
Its the way that you show her each and every-day

Weekend recliner, gets 49ers
church must be over she walks in the door
leans down to kiss him says we all missed you,
it never hits you she might feel it more.


She ain't from Venus don't take a genius
ain't complicated tryin' to get her to smile
kiss her each mornin' hold her each evnin'
just treat her special more than once in a while


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