Samantha Mumba - Never Meant 2 Be Lyrics

Samantha Mumba Lyrics

Never Meant 2 Be Lyrics
I remember when i still believed the things u said
never would have thought that this would have come 2 an end
how was i to know that u had another someone new
i recall the days luved u a million ways
suddenly * u and me
from friends to history
i realize * my trust ain't coming back no more

Cause my luv for u
will always last eternally
u are in my heart
i luved u from the start
baby, it's hard to believe
that u and i were never meant to be

Does anybody know this feeling of despair
when u really luv someone
when u really care
it's hard to walk away
when i really wanna stay with u
does anybody know it tears u up inside
when u try to decide
between what's wrong and right
gotta know for sure * my trust ain't coming back no more

chorus till end

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