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Samantha Mumba Lyrics

Difference Personalities Lyrics
I do not trust, so I cannot love
(Can't no man be trusted) Oh no no no
I would not dare to open up
(This life of yours is dusted, Pink)
Well my rent's past due and now my car won't start, I hate the bus!
(Well, aren't you glad you have somebody to talk to?)

Tell me what do they see when they look at me?
Do they see my many personalities?

Can you help me?
Does anybody hear me?
Can they even see me?
This is my reality!!!

(Can it be my turn now? Is it my turn Samantha?)
Said I'll say it again, you're my only friend
(I protect you from the world, I basically protect you from yourself!)
Though I can't go on, I'm not satisfied with this being the end
(This is just the beginning)

Tell me why can't I just reach up and simply touch the sky?
Tell me why can't I spread my arms and fly and fly and fly?
Tell me why can't I say this?
Why can't I do that?
Tell me what do they want from me?
Tell me how to act!!!


So I'm putting it all on the table,
You don't know me well enough to label
Me, sick,
Or even disturbed
When you break it down I'm just two girls
Trying to blend, trying to vibe
Trying to live just one life
Everybody's got insanities
I got a difference personality

[A. Moore, T. Abney, Babyface]

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