Salacious Gods - Twaeduster Jacht Lyrics

Salacious Gods Lyrics

Twaeduster Jacht Lyrics
With the season of decay upon us
The unavoidable shortening of days
Azazel changes form with twilights might
And as a wolf it haunts the forrest maze

He is the first and worst
Of seven plagues that
I have caused my people
To face in desperation

Accusing fingers point in my direction
To slay the beast I must take swift action
And undo the wrongs that stain my past

Returning prosperous years at last
Tonight we'll see whom takes the fall
As we seek out the greatest plague of all

To the undying forrest we ride
A sense of fear never leaving our side
As we wait for twilight

Twaedebuster Jacht
We must prevail before dark
In the surreal surroundings
Of the shimmerland
Where reality blends with the other world
The carrion ravens look down on us
They look upon us
As on bloody dead meat to be

Out of obscure shades of grey
The hellhound leaps forth
With an insatiable need to slay
We will stand our ground or perish

My hands freeze around
The hilt of my blade
Whom shalt the first step take?

With an inhuman roar the massacre starts
With a dozen strikes the monsters trunk
Of which ten cut nothing but air
Numerous assaults bring us poor results

And make us fall back in despair
Five of eight lay dead in blood
Steaming on the chilling air
Two more storm forth just to

Have their throats torn by the jaws of death
The last man trades temporary
For eternity
Now it is me and
Him in stalemate

It is wounded and fatigued as I seperate
His grinning head at the last signs of day
Yet again I dig the graves
For seven warriors brave
Never to see another day

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