Salacious Gods - Sunnevot Lyrics

Salacious Gods Lyrics

Sunnevot Lyrics
The wolves carry their name
In midnight speeches
That silent subtle voice
Is summoning me from afar
A voice much closer will shout
Into my car with unholy impatience
Before my time I
Must put down here all that I can
Concerning the horrors that stalk
Without and lie in wait
For this ancient arcana that
Has been handed down
Of old but has been forgotten
By all but a few

De sunne's licht brandt vies op mien huud
Ik hekel dat licht als de pest
Bie't kearslicht zit'n kniez'n is mien lot
Valt mie so zwoar om de sunne te zien
Ik heb liever eeuwig duster en piene
Snode plan'n in de moaneschiene

In union with the celestial spirits
From beyond the wanderers
Of the wasteland
Emerging from the nethermost caverns
Which are not for phantoming eyes to see
For their marvels are strange and terrific

In a time before time I
Found the black formula
By which I will fade
The shining light of the day
A horror called sun now bound
To be consumed by utmost darkness

Fire against fire
Symbols carved upon a grey
Stone like dead magic
Powers walk unseen
And hide in lonely cold places
Where words are spoken
And rites howl through the night
And to the sun I chant:
My hand is at your throat!

You have seen a thousand-and-one moons
And a sigh hangs in your chest
Like a dark latern You are old
You never speak of the fear that seized
Upon your spine and wrapped cold fingers
Around your skull

In union we made wild passes in the air
With knives that glint cold and sharp
In the madnessnight
And as the dead embers of the fire
Grew cold and black
We smell the stench of the suns body
Lain long in the shadows to rot
Sunnevot De Sunnevot

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