Salacious Gods - Spirits Of The Eldergods Domain Lyrics

Salacious Gods Lyrics

Spirits Of The Eldergods Domain Lyrics
Shades morph grotesque
Around the flickering torchlight
Noctivagant creatures
Avoid the amber glow and hide

They fear as they are feared
By mortal man the nightblind
Noctilucent eyed servants
Of the entities I seek to find

On my quest for the alliance
With the root of gloom and deep
My being forced a chain
To restrain my weak
At the boundries of this spiritland
I let my flesh sleep
Now my being is free
To join the cast-out spirits
As my flesh creeps

The ambient light shines
In a greyish blue dim
Beyond nebulous woods I
Behold the range of hills grim

Come the union
Crawling naked and low
Through the moist forrestsoil
The earth reveals a Cromleg
Where spirits whirl and coil

The stones throbbing like hearts
In a halo of lifeforce bright
In pulsating surroundings
Sensing the eldergods might

The silver light has diminished
The spirits have diversed
To unite with the night
Earth and leafs conceal
The heartstones oncemore
I return to my flesh with my eyes
As my hazy guide

Silent my cry at a gruesome sight
In my spirits absence my faite was sealed
The creatures of the night
Have conquerred their fright
Of the flamelight
Filling their cold bellies
With my flesh from bones pealed
The eldergods spirits come forth
From the shades
Filling my mind with the reasons why
I must not return from the woods tonight
Revealing what I have seen
To the Christian lie
Thus betraying the earthhearts
Through time concealed

Where the ambient light shines
In a greyish blue dim
I guard the range of hills grim

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