Salacious Gods - Dead, Spectral Wolfmoon Lyrics

Salacious Gods Lyrics

Dead, Spectral Wolfmoon Lyrics
Through the darkening showers
Of wrath I see the sign
And the unhallowed hearse
The infernal nightsky
Devours the restless dead

Highest mountains never reach
The altars of incantation
Nightwinds breed the fire
Majestic descend
Of the summoned one

Moonshade flames
Of conquerring blasphemy
I fierce hearse through
The nightsky

Wheels cry thunder
In gospel of the hordes
Moonshade flames
Breathe blackened breath

Moonshade pale in dismal dream
Flames Breathing anger
Moonshad Realm of stife and pain
Flames Cloak of the heretics

Wrapped in a veil
Of grim silence and
Singing songs
Of the arctic heathenhearts
I throw myself under the hoofs
Of the black horde
Seen through the eyes
Of the pagan coachmen
Self-sacrifice will release my spirit
Imperial funeral
Dead, Spectral wolfmoon

Moonshade Sword of the essence
Flames A scent of dark souls
Moonshade Why must life be?
Flames Consume all harmony
Moonshade The eternal nightrealm

Flames burn forevermore

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