Sacriversum - The Krapp's Last Tape Lyrics

Sacriversum Lyrics

The Krapp's Last Tape Lyrics
Return to your future, another kingdom, voice from tape
Come back to your future, still in your kingdom, happy date

This is the present time, falls from the Krapp's last tape
The Old Man's searching for his own pain
What makes you happy now falls from the Krapp's last tape
Written forever into red rain...

All those furious letters, completed visions, voice from tape
All those destroyed papers, unspoken reasons, happy date

Unnamed...dead verses...dead lines...oral rape
Unscared...temptations...headlines...odious tape

All my hopes are closed in amber trinket
All my life exist in golden box
My living daylights, to them I surrender
I gave them my rights, my voice's my defender
Starring through the eyes of dying fate
All my love is gone with crying Lord
His tears of distrust, to them his surrender
Who's falling in love when death's growing faster

All my present time, when I listen to my past
I need to cross my mind
I need to read between the lines, I need to fight against disgust
From the darkest hour I hear voice from nothing blood
I hear scream and shout
Living box, my book of life, my eternal source of proud

I believe my lovin' tape
It's my fate, my childhood
I believe my glorious times
I still need my lovin' tape
It's such great, such righteous
I still need my glorious times

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