Sacriversum - Spectral Trio Lyrics

Sacriversum Lyrics

Spectral Trio Lyrics
Rolled body in the corner, let down your head
There's no place for you out there, no reason...
To hope that someone's coming to make your bed
Yur time's so slowly running this season

Empty walls, so grey and sad
Broken dolls and no regret...
Wasted years, forgotten times
Squared space, close your eyes

Injections of your despair, forthcoming breed
Enclose You, dirty laughter, in these cage
No matter where's the exit, your dirty deed
Then listen to your heartbeat, living age...

Spectral trio when your soul is fine to go away
Ready to play with heavens...
Spectral trio when your body so close decay
Ready to play with devil...

Eternal loneliness, no better happiness and this is the red line
No time for innocence no chance for God's forces and this is your bad time
Living infinity, unspoken purity, maximum megadrive
Over and over that chemical hangover, deep water good to dive

Distrustful, unskillful, unbroken and painful, sit on your silver chair
No choice for all mankind, forbidden state of mind, you are still dying there
Those mental polutions, immortal confussions, sarcastic existence
From darkest abyssess infernal death raises, bloody inheritance...

Phantoms flying over,
Shadows of your ancients,
Death is here moreover
Dancing circumstances

Wait for sweet inviting
For eternal dancing
Leave your home;s arriving
In state whole amazing...
...spectral trio

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