Sacriversum - Salieri Lyrics

Sacriversum Lyrics

Salieri Lyrics
How could I believe? Is it only a dream?
The man in black mask came to make it real
Nightmare from the past change my brain in dust
Over the remains spirit dies at last

Write for me "opus magnum", don't make me sad
All what yu do for me will burn in red
Requiem for the ghost make your body lost
To the rest of your days shows it's dirty face

How could I resign? Is my soul still mine?
Paper, notes and ink flies in creazy ring
More than usual sound I still hear around
Blood burns on my lips waitin' for death's kiss

How could I regret, how could I forget, how could I resign?
Should I respect, should I recent, shuld I still fight?
How could I rehearse, how could I reverence, how could I despair?
Should I believe, should I forgive, should I be there?

How could I revenge, how could I retrench, how could I revive?
Should I revoke, should I retort, should I here die?

The other side-other conflict will bring the art to our death
The other side-other problem, how can I work to my last breath?
Several worlds, worlds of suffering, but music here still alive?
Feel the sense, sense of fighting, the abyss where I lonely dive

Requiem for the dead man, my last breath of life
Good news that everything is still going fine
Not every note I'll keep in my head
Don't worry, one will finish it when you're dead...

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