Sacriversum - Revenger Lyrics

Sacriversum Lyrics

Revenger Lyrics
Warriors of two black ravens, it's time for us
To crush the enemy coming from side of storm
Our king has died fighting for motherland
And i'll give my head, his son, to defend our home

We've got no fear goin straight to mouth of the monster
God of thunder help our drakkars of Oak
Sign of the Lord proudly is lighting on the sky
Gold letters saying mercilessly bloody gore:

Rotting heads in bloodlake lay in darkness, cause they died!
Cutted by the edge of hapiness they were lookin' for...
Children of the lepper parents, devil makes his ride,
It all is sacrifice to God, they want no more!

Death-it's warriors brother, always helps him rising his fight
Sleep in peaceful silence, father-Oden's hand let me make vengeance right
Let me kill the hords of bloody dogs which have invaded suddenly my home
The one-eyed god way up high who remembers my all insulties, Lord!

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