Sacriversum - Painful Flame Lyrics

Sacriversum Lyrics

Painful Flame Lyrics
Sadness, my life is painful sadness, no one can stop the madness
No one can understand
Turning around in fire, burning, still playing and not learning,
So where's my promised land?
Father, what did you do my father, why can't you find another
Method of my increase
Mother, why don't you help me, mother, don't guide me to another
Direction to disease

My son, your genius let us earn enough for paying
All our rents so let the rich men hear your playing...

Painful, this flame is bloody painful, malicious - not delightful
Is this the correct breed?
Rightful, is your opinion rightful, can't I to live delightful
To be the normal kid?

My son, be patient, please and try to understand
Your music is the way to Gods, with them we blend

Because your talent is the gift of gracious heavens
Nobody's better then you, beauty of your art�
Now you must help your family
Because your music came down here from highest heavens
Nobody know how you got it, how did it start
Now you must play in ecstasy...

When I start to touch my piano's keys again - I feel my power
When I touch my violin's strings I smile again - that's my great power
Nothing comes easy but music's born again - isn't it crazy?
Who's dare to fight against me, who's dare to fight again - it's amazing to play�

Hear my voice, my soul, my music
Keep your faith - it's whole the best
Keep this sound, this rhythm, don't loose it
Hear my sing, forget the rest...

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