Sacriversum - Not Me Lyrics

Sacriversum Lyrics

Not Me Lyrics
You still exist, but you are not right here
One poisoned kiss, your lips will show your fear

No persons, only questions written in dark
Forgive me, Father, I'm not guilty
Unholy spaces always take us apart
Even don't ask me who is filthy

No face, no hands, n body real to touch
Existence means subjectivness so much

The presence, only presence you never know
What's the reaction of this absurd
Dramatis personae on stage in the row
But not this time, existenced muurdered... ..."Da sein"...

It's not me who speaks here so loudly, only my words
Ruby lips explaining so proudly what does it mean...
It's not me controlling politely who closed the doors
Empty phantoms produced here mightly by Roger Blin

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