Sacriversum - Never Give Up Lyrics

Sacriversum Lyrics

Never Give Up Lyrics
Vocals by HERSZT:
My broken sword lies in grass, wet and rusted
My pagan soul flies to new better world
My dying God of all brave is insulted
Bastards who killed him are creeping in gold

My skies are open and that is my hope new
My spirit will come back and help my friends
My ancestors, give me thunder of holy cloud
Weapon is ready, just ready to take

Vocals by REMO:
Never give up, remember old prediction
Of Pagans victory, and
Never forgat the sign of shining sun
On your flag
Never again your axe will fall beyond
Your enemies
Never give up-feel power from the sky

Vocals by HERSZT:
All the time I remember what's my fate
All the time I know that it's not too late...

My skies are open...

Vocals by REMO:
Never give up...

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