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Sacriversum Lyrics

Lullaby Lyrics
Now here comes the end of the day
When you came the long, long way
Now you must consider this
Now this is the way it is

Then she thought that this is time for her
To finish all her lifetime overthere
The end of this long day came at last
Across her mind it flows so fast

Tell me. my incubus, what the light's there?
Come across thereshold to feel the taste of light
Is this way to burn my growing mindfear?
All you see before you keeps me satisfied
How can I stop this big run to nowhere?
Just trust me and listen to the lullaby...

Lullaby for wasted life,
When your mind is purified,
All your access is denied
Cross the Styx...
Time for you to finish it,
Don't forget repeat
How to measure your heartbeat
Cross the Styx...
In your eyes the ray of light,
All your life was painfull fight,
Come and die
Controll your rights
Cross the Styx...

This is lullaby tries to remind you all your bright times
All happy years that your remember are behind...

That's the way I like it Baby, I don't wanna live forever

This is the end of long
Long way it came at last
Then she thought that it's time to die
And try to find...

That's the way I like it Baby, I don't wanna live forever

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