Sacriversum - Count Coloredo Lyrics

Sacriversum Lyrics

Count Coloredo Lyrics
All those jesters I hate still come to my throne
Treading briskly my way. Leave me whole alone!
They want more, more money, they want me to pray
Oh, no - that's not funny, never let them stay

Please, give us, Your Majesty, a chance to be your slave
If you'll not help us we cannot live, we're in the grave
What shall we do if you leave us without your grace
We beg you - and promise to give smile to your sad face

Get out, you bloody suckers!
Get out and go to hell!
You jesters, stupid f*ckers!
Empty like churches bell!

You have built your court for Christ, not for artists living here
You don't want to compromise, giving us a lot of fear
You care only for your eyes, saying "no" to people here
You want fly to paradise - never you'll be so lucky!

All those jesters...

Please, give us...

Take my heart - be my unbeliever
Take my soul - be my only one
Take my dreams - be my restless fever
Take my kiss - be what has begun...

Get out, your bloody...

Take my heart...

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