Sacriversum - An Act Without Words Lyrics

Sacriversum Lyrics

An Act Without Words Lyrics
Symbolic situations, your life is long enough
An act of pain's perversion, the spike that strikes is tough
Closed in eternal darkness you feel the frost in veins
Believing in all black tales, nothing but death remains
Take me, my persecutor to the land of passions
Show me the astral space, your kingdom of black star
Be me God, be me Tutor, blame your flame of Ancients
Open my heart so much closed and cold so far...
The story is completed, yur way is not to care
About the ones who bleeded, cause now you're closed out there...
No chance for your salvation, no chance to wake you up
Your scream is your reaction, your life's last big lap
Somewhere above there's better place to live forever
Somewhere inside there's better world my former life
Somewhere outside I'll stop my pain, my burning fever
And if you want to meet me there just pass it by...
An act without words time is torment
An act without words connected lifes
God's falling force maze of torment
An act without words frozen lies
My sick persecution death of promised land which will born again
My dearest perversion 'till the sweetest end controlled again
My highest reaction stay with me, my friend don't leave me again

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