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Advent of Insanity Lyrics
A sea breeze echoes softly
It's song echoes through your mind,
Leaves you thinking of tomorrow
And the life you left behind.
Come turn your head to face the
Wind that fills enchanted sails,
And drives you to your destiny
As silent sirens wail.

A sad lament for travellers
Held in the hand of fate,
Your future stands upon the prow
Your past drowns in the wake.
What chance is there for sanity
When madness takes the helm,
And steers you on a downward
Spiral to his lonely realm?

Watch the night-sky- seagulls fly
And in the heavens play,
Yet even angels stoop and still
Pick nothing up they say.
There are things far more sinister
That haunt the midnight air,
The sirens serenade a warning
Telling you:

"Beware- the waves upon the water
Are like ripples in your mind,
And the shadows cast by nature
Show the future you may find.
As rivers flow because they know
That they must join the sea-
Thus you will be carried on to
Meet your destiny."
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