Saara - The Last Goodbye Lyrics

Saara Lyrics

The Last Goodbye Lyrics
Night by night
Since the day i was born
My destiny is to live
All the days in pain

I fell the hate
And the darkness inside
Leave me alone
‘cause i’m the lonely one

Look at the people
Into the fire
They live in peace
And have the same desire

But my desire you know
And you don’t try to understand
I wan’t to die, but i.....

I can still hear her last goodbye
She will miss me, perhaps when i die
But it’s fine
Time carry the pain
And time is passing by

The sun now is red like blood
From the blade
I killed in this war
And before this all
They left you behind

Bring to me an another day
Face the hell, but don’t be afraid
Nothing will be the same
Nobody know who blame


(2º chorus)
Why you leave me?
Why you let me here to figth?
You told me about love
But the love was died!

...... have to say
You can’t see
What that felling are doing to me
Now, let me sleep
Under the sea...

(final chorus)
Why you leave me?
Why you let me here to fight?
May i pray? never!
I don’t want to lose you forever...

They live in the dreams...
But i’m born to stay into the nigthmares....
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