Saara - Sacred Neverland Lyrics

Saara Lyrics

Sacred Neverland Lyrics
Every nigth, when i cry
Want to live but the reason is why?
Nobody want to stay alone
Love and hate brings war and pride

Now looking back, in the past
The better moments you can’t bring back
I really know.. you feel so sad
The great feelings will regreat

And now i wanna know what the life means
I hope someday
Those man’s stop to trade: our heart in hate


Searchin for ligth
But all is so dark
Moon reign whit the black shadows the eternal night
Tell me wy we just can’t fly?
The fire will burn the blood again
In the sacred Neverland...
(end of chorus)

Sing our song and you will rember me
Call in dreams and i will stay here
Dancing in the sky
With the falling stars
We will never understand
When the loneliness becomes the law
Just have to search

And now i wanna know what the life means
I hope someday
We live together in a one dream

(2º chorus)

Searching for ligth
But all is dark
Love the ones you love before you miss them
Cause you know, this will never understand
Come whith me to feel this new sun
In the sacred neverland...

I want to follow you...
Come whit you trying to find the true
In a great valley down into the hills
When the sky shines blue, end the clouds was clear
Finaly find in you the reason to live

Vanitas Vanitas to the peace meker
Vanitas Vanitas show me what you feel...
Santitud Santitud why this is so hard to understand

(Final Chorus, same of 2º Chorus)
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