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Saara Lyrics

Midnight Lake Lyrics
The moon shines, so pretty to night
Your eyes tell me this
You are so beautiful lady
So letal and so sweet

I look the stars in the sky...
And you are looking whit me
I still Think it all is an mystery
Could it be a dream?

Live for today and not for tomorrow
Trying to see the paradize
But I don’t know what to do
´Cause still want to stay by your side

And the sunshine is my destroyer
This have to change...
Tomorrow the sun will set...
To never more shine again

In the Midnight lake whe meet
When the clouds whas covered the moon
When I saw your face...
A kiss I’ve Gave to You
(End of chorus)


( Camille )
-No... you don’t have to go... stay with me, I don’t want to
fell alone again...
( Louis )
-Don’t be afraid.... I will go.... But I’ll come back to you
-( Camille)
- Louis, I can’t live whitout you.... Remember When we mett???
In the shine of the midnight.... Oh.... Please.... let me go
whit ya...
-( Louis )
-You can’t.... this is too Dangerous... But I Swear to you mi
Little Dark Angel.... My love will bring me back to you
(fim da narratoria)

From those years, I was lost in that land
And my soul waited to die
When the sun appears
My spirit lies....


(chorus 2º chorus )
And in the midnigth lake I have to say goodbye
Believe me.... I don’t want to make you cry
But wait.... ‘Cause only you
Could see that tears in my eyes
(end of chorus)

Again I See My blood on the floor
Bleed again..... for so long
Let me try....
Try to make my soul stop to cry

And now I Wait
The Chance To come back, to be pure
When the moon shines pretty again
The stars will guide me to you

(Final Chorus, The same of the 1º chorus)

And for so long.... I will never be the same....
And the Midnight Lake.... I will Never Leave Again
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