I'm Saafir (The Saucee Nomad) Lyrics by Saafir aka Mr No No

Saafir aka Mr No No Lyrics

I'm Saafir (The Saucee Nomad) Lyrics
I'm Saafir, the Saucee Nomad (repeat 5X)

All day, all day, ery day, always

I'm Saafir, the Saucee Nomad (repeat 2X)

Out the side of the beat I slides out the gate like Snake Pliskin

with, heat fuming got more sauce than, Paul Newman

I'm the shit I'll make you bowel, movement

Runnin through em without the celery

Never embraced when thinkin cleverly is a felony

Hey hey, hey-hey hey, I got an A A-A in mixing elixirs

Remedies putting you under the laughing gas, like a dentist

If you seek I got prescriptions that work in three minutes

and some change, here's your receipt, here's your re-ce-ee-hee-pt

I keep saying that al-lee-hee, couldn't help me from these

em-cee-ee-hees, that keep saying wack rhizymes to enzymes

I regurgitate and reverse your fallopian tube growth, rate

You so fake you belong with a strong ass-whooping

I got your ass cooking, ho ho ho like turkey beefy bacon

is what you're feelin, just a professional opinion from the doc-torrr

You don't believe me then, let's take tests test me

Please do so so I can have ya, full Stranded at Sea like Caruso

Have you lookin over The Aftermath like Dr. Dre

Me make a mill-ion, lambingas they say

I'm Saafir, the Saucee Nomad (repeat 4X)

Ery day, all day, all day, always

I'm Saafir, the Saucee Nomad (repeat 4X)

I'm the type of ninja that'll laugh, then blast your ass

then pass the bomb that'll f*ck with my concious a little but I'll stay calm

in it, armed, I'm all about self-preservation in a fighting stance

Always ready to get down then run up in your ass like ants

But I'd rather pull plants by the root and get, smoked

with my crew makin greenery, and scenery the vision of a landscape is

with a handful of papers, get the papers

with the President faces on the front, with the eagle grabbin arrows

and the pyramid, and the owl that shrunk, huh dollar bill y'all

It's amazing how you keep paper grazing my palms and I make it stick

like a magnet like a magnum never stagnant when I'm stickin it

Movin keep my motion, all blurred most likely, a visuallusion

I have you on the search for attachment, but not to focus

Have you won a contest as a finalist, on whose the brokest?

Flows stay saturated and drenched, I've never had to soak it

I'm the wrong breed to f*ck with, I'm mixed with Grinch and locust

hocus motherf*ckin pocus, say what?

I'm Saafir, the Saucee Nomad (repeat 4X)

I'm Saafir everyday all day always

Psssssh, nigga please while you countin sheep it's Z's

I be countin cheese curin that, wack rap disease

Me and Doctor Dot Blocker on the off switch leavin

your highbeams frost-bit, with overdose

Homo songs don't swing on the long, microphones

and if you're rich I'll send that doc-torrr to your mansion

while I'm, rock shit like avalanches

Makin your broad do dirty dances

You takin chances with them sleepin pills

Cause that's what got your conciousness

That's why I'm droppin this, don't sleep...

I'm Saafir, the Saucee Nomad (repeat 5X)

I'm Saafir, all day ery day, always

I'm Saafir, the Saucee Nomad

In here... (I'm Saafir) ...with the Porch Monkeys

(I'm Saafir) Bananas, Knuckles (I'm Saafir)

Bringin it to you (I'm Saafir)

One love to Mr. No No, for lettin me come on this track

and rip it for my poleops, that's it, hip-hop junkies and Porch Monkeys

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