Rihanna - Russian Roulette (Chew Fu Black Russian Fix) Lyrics

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Russian Roulette (Chew Fu Black Russian Fix) Lyrics
take a breath, take it deep, calm yourself he say's to me, if you play you play for keeps, take the gun and count to three, i'm sweatin now, movin slow, not time to think my turn to go

chorus x1

an you can see my heart beatin, you can see it through my chest, that im terrified but i'm not leavin, know that i must pass this test, so just pull the trigger.

say a prayer to yourself he say's close your eys sometimes
it helps, and then i geeeet a scary thought that he's heere which meen's he's never gone.

chorus x1

so just pull the trigger

when the light flashes before my eyes, i'm wondering will i evre see another sunrise, so many won't get the chance to say good bye, but it's to late to think of the value of my liiife.

chorus x2
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