Rebel Johnny - Kajun Kkk Lyrics

Rebel Johnny Lyrics

Kajun Kkk Lyrics
You niggers listen now
I'm gonna tell you how
To keep from getting tortured when the klan is on the prowl
Stay at home at night
And lock your doors uptight
Don't go outside or else you'll find those crosses a´ burning bright

Now i know you won't believe me
So i'm gonna tell you why
The cajun ku klux klan is gonna get you by and by
I'm warning you that when i'm through you gonna change your tune
This story is 'bout a nigger
His name was Levy Coon

He walked into a cafe
He thought he'd get a bite
He thought that they would serve him since they passed the civil rights
The waitress told him no
And that he'd better go
He said: “no mam, my uncle sam say i don't have to go!”

So he sat there in that cafe
Being stubborn as a mule
No matter what she said he wouldn't get up of that stool
He sat their like a jackass
And i'm gonna demonstrate:
"I came in here to eat and i ain't leaving ‘til i've ate."

The waitress had enough
She said i call your bluff
She said if we can't tread you right we'll have to treat you rough
The phone was in her hands
She gave him one more chance
He wouldn't go and so she called the Cajun Ku Klux Klan

When he saw them Cajuns coming
Levy knew it was to late
His eyes popped out his head and his kinky hair got straight
He said: oh lousy white folks
I didn't mean a thing
Why did i have to listen to that demonstrater king

Now niggers understand
They tided up both his hands
He was at the mercy of the Cajun Ku Klux Klan
I knew just what they do
Levy knew it too
I knew what kind of torture they would put that nigger through

Now the moral of this story
As plain as it can be
Niggers mind your buisness, and let us white folks be
You better heed my warning
And try to understand
Don't you demonstrate around the Cajun Ku Klux Klan

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