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Escapism Lyrics
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Escapism Info:

• "Escapism" is a song by British singer-songwriter Raye featuring American rapper 070 Shake from Raye's upcoming debut album My 21st Century Blues (2023).

• The song depicts Raye in a post-breakup spree of unhealthy coping mechanisms, engaging in hookups, drugs, and alcohol.

• Raye explained that the song is about escaping from reality and dealing with heartbreak.

• "Escapism" went viral on TikTok and began charting internationally, reaching number one in Denmark, Ireland and the UK, making it the highest-charting single for both Raye and 070 Shake. Furthermore, the song entered the top ten of the charts in nineteen music markets including Australia, Germany and Singapore. It also became both artists' first song to chart on the US Billboard Hot 100.

From the Album:
My 21st Century Blues

12 October 2022

R&B, electropop, hip hop


Rachel Keen, Mike Sabath, Danielle Balbuena

Mike Sabath

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