Ray Charles - Girls, Girls, Girls! Lyrics

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Girls, Girls, Girls! Lyrics
Though our country will never make war
We've a reason that's worth marching for
Not for battle our banner unfurls
But for girls, girls, girls, girls, girls.
When we're marching we never retreat
For we're charging a foe that is sweet!
But we're caught in the swirls
Of the enemy's curls
And surrender to girls, girls, girls.

[Verse (Not heard in the film)]
Ruby lips taste like claret
When they're pressing close to mine.
What a flavor!
I compare it to that oldest vintage wine.
I don't need a book of verses
Or a jug beneath the bough,
And my memory rehearses
Not a moment so sweet as now.

Let us gaze in the wine while it's wet.
Let's do things that we'll live to regret.
Let me dance till the restaurant whirls
With the girls, girls, girls, girls, girls!
When there's wine and there's women and song
It is wrong not to do something wrong!
When you do something wrong,
You must do something right,
And I'm doing all right tonight.

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