Ray Charles - Bernardine Lyrics

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Bernardine Lyrics
Oh, Bernardine (sigh)
Oh, oh, oh, Bernardine
I can tell by the dimple on your chin
You're in beautiful shape for the shape you're in
An' I'm in shape for Bernardine

Oh, Bernardine
Oh, oh, oh, Bernardine
When you wander inta my dreams at night
Your remarkable form is a pure delight
I go, go, go for Bernardine
Bernardine, Bernardine

You're a little bit like ev'ry girl I've ever seen
Oh, your separate parts are not unknown
But the way you assemble them's all your own
All yours and mine, dear Bernardine (yours and mine, dear Bernardine)

Oh, Bernardine
Oh, oh, oh, Bernardine
Say you'll wait for me out by the rocket base
And we'll both blast off into outer space
At oh, oh, oh-oh, Bernardine
Bernardine, Bernardine

Come away with me now in the rocket-propelled machine
We'll come home by the way of a drive-in spa
Just a little this side of Shangri-La
And there I'll stay with Bernardine (there I'll stay with Bernardine)
There I'll stay with Bernardine!

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