The Queers Lyrics

The Queers Lyrics

From the Album Back To The Basement (2010) (buy at

Back To The Basement
Outta My Skull
Pull Me Out Of It
Psychedelic Mindf*ck
I Knew GG When He Was A Wimp
I'm Pissed
White Minority
Don't Touch My Hat
F*cked In The Head
Everyday Girl
Keep It Punk

From the Album Munki Brain (2007) (buy at

Houston We Have A Problem
I Don't Get It
Duke Kahanamoku
I Think She's Starting To Like Me
Girl About Town
Whatever Happened To Philthy Phil?
I Can't Stay Mad At You
Something In My Heart
I'm A Fool
Monkey In A Suit
Brian Wilson

From the Album Pleasant Screams (2002) (buy at

Get A Life And Live It Loser
See You Later F*ckface
I Wanna Be Happy
Danny Vapid
I Never Got The Girl
It's Cold Outside
Psycho Over You
Generation Of Swine
Tic Tic Toc
I Don't Want You Hanging Around
Molly Neuman

From the Album Today (2001) (buy at

Yeah, Well, Whatever
I Don't Want To Go To The Moon
I've Had It With You
I'm The Boy For You

From the Album Beyond The Valley Of The Assf*ckers (2000) (buy at

Little Rich Working Class Oi-boy
Strangle the Girl
I'm Not a Mongo Anymore
Stupid F*cking Vegan
In With the Out Crowd
I Wanna Know
Journey to the Center of Your Empty F*cking Skull
I Hate Your F*cking Guts
Babyface (Boo-Hoo-Hoo)
My C*nt's a C*nt
I Just Called to say F*ck You
Just Say C*nt

From the Album Punk Rock Confidential (1998) (buy at

Tamara Is A Punk
Everything's O.K.
I Didn't Puke
Mrs. Brown, You've Got An Ugly Daughter
The Sun Always Shines Around You
Rancid Motherf*cker
Punk Rock Confidential
Today I Fell In Love
Pretty Flamingo
Like A Parasite
Idiot Savant
I Enjoy Being A Boy
Don't Mess It Up
Sayonara Sucker

From the Album Don't Back Down (1996) (buy at

No Tit
Punk Rock Girls
I'm Okay You're F*cked
Number One
Don't Back Down
I Only Drink Bud
I Always Knew
Born To Do Dishes
Janelle, Janelle
Brush Your Teeth
Sidewalk Surfer Girl
Another Girl
Love Love Love
I Can't Get Over You

From the Album A Day Late and A Dollar Short (1996) (buy at

We'd Have A Riot Doing Heroin
Terminal Rut
I Want It Now
Trash This Place
Love Me
Kicked Out Of The Webelos
Tulu Is A Wimp
At The Mall
I Spent The Rent
I Don't Wanna Work
I'm Useless
This Place Sucks
Wimpy Drives Through Harlem
I Like Young Girls
Nuni In New York
Nobody Likes Me
Nothing To Do
I'm Nowhere At All
F*ck You
Didn't want None
Didn't Puke
Gay Boy
Too Many Twinkies
Half Shitfaced
Live This Life

From the Album Move Back Home (1995) (buy at

She's a Cretin
Next Stop Rehab
High School Psychopath II
If You Only had a Brain
I Gotta Girlfriend
From Your Boy
Everthing's Going my Way
Cut it Dude
I Didn't Get Invitied to the Prom
That Girl
Peppermint Girl

From the Album Beat Off (1994) (buy at

Drop The Attitude F*cker
You Make Me Wanna Puke
Teenage Gluesniffer
Ben Weasel
VooDoo Doll
Live This Life
Half Shitfaced
Too Many Twinkies
All Screwed Up

From the Album Love Songs For The Retarded (1993) (buy at

You're Tripping
Ursula Finally Has Tits
I Hate Everything
Teenage Bonehead
F*ck this World
I Can't Stop Farting
Feeling Groovy
Debra Jean
Hi Mom, It's Me!
Noodle Brain
I Can't Stand You
Night of the Livid Queers
I Won't Be
Monster Zero

From the Album Grow Up (1990) (buy at

Love Love Love
I Met Her at the Rat
Burger King Queen
Junk Freak
Gay Boy
Rambo Rat
I Don't Wanna Get Involved With You
Goodbye California

Other Songs:
This Sandal Shit Has Got To Stop

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