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Tiger Peacock Lyrics
Uninhabited beach fanned by the coolness
I am finally in your captivity
I am the prisoner of the island
I walk
I'm walking ripping off last clothes
On the barely noticeable trail
Through the thorns to your heart
Last remains of strength and faith
Losing hope for salvation

Going down further
Everything is bestrewn with snow
Going down further behind
Hardly hissing ice-cold breath behind

Run! Run! Run!

Twinkling fire appeared in the cave's den became my refuge
I found myself in his lie, where I was making my way through the begging darkness

Two glowing, intoxicating eyes sliding on my fear
My sight turned to peacock and suddenly our eyes crossed I could not catch myself thinking when he belched a tiger out of him
(And suddenly he vanished somewhere)
I looked back in a second, full of fear, more and more quickly
I run! Run! Run!

But by some quirk of fate a stone appeared a in my way

I fell, catching myself on a ledge
Woke up sweating heavily on the bank
Muffled up in sand and purple wave

My dream
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