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Mutiny Aboard Lyrics
My way is from east to west
It always strewn with rum with blood
Reaches of the heaven is my modest shelter
And under foot are ocean's waves
I'm a rebel
I'm the hero in the pay of the king

In the salad days I was full of courage
I was ready to rout

For good and in the name of master
But day by day he was filled with dismay
He was bewaring of mutiny.
The governor decided
set me to my last sail

Lay down an aim to bring my long-time lady friend
To the deserted island.
Took away her last inhale
Filled her lungs with sand out
According to king's plan
She must subdue me for the piece of money
Subdue me among the fathomless depths of the sea
For evermore send me to sleep along with the ship

I realized menace before it
Before it was too late
Locked away that whore in cab
In return were quarrels and cry
As if it were the scream of nimble asp
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