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Harlots Washed Down With Milk Lyrics
Like milk you sound
The fragrant taste of rum is on the my lips
And rough taste of your perfume
Oh, could you wait forever
And no one wait for you
Till ever
Thank you honey for that you left me so blind
Till very end and I wish you
The crimson glass of fire
(And I wish) you enjoy
You are imprisoned

You wait and no one wait for you

But step by step, breathe after breathe
You slip off your cabin
You set on fire dry wick
One moment and the ship is burning
So ironic and so silly
Your bitchy smile
Oh, irony is here right now

Poison pours down from your malicious cheekbone
Your fathomless eyes full of anger
Your eyes full of anger that you crowned with weak

You're watching my ship sinks

Someone says catastrophy
But nobody cares
Irony is here right now
Washed down with milk storm and swallow air
Gone forever
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