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Anchor Lung Lyrics
By fate's mercy
I broke free from water's captivity
And rushed towards the light

(Towards the call of the Sun, winged by the desire to live
I saw the wooden columns
On the horizon point beyond the haze
Of the white sunset
I swam through lumps of grey fog on the water
Just clinging onto the waves as if they were rocks)

I drifted day after night like a whirlpool
Grasping the wrecks of the ship
Scratching my feet against the coral reefs
Tangled in rope and knots
Accompanied by blind souls of mariners

Give me the strength to reach you!
My energy! My ocean

(The emerald island is closer and closer
Crushed against the cliff waves
Brighter and brighter blooded fingers
Felt the soil)

I breathe in the warmth of heated sand
Kneeling, with my head lowered to the shore
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