Pierce The Veil - Gold Medal Ribbon Lyrics

Pierce The Veil Lyrics

Gold Medal Ribbon Lyrics
Are you up there?
Just give me a signal I'm reaching for you now
Because I remember the sound of your voice
But I don't remember what we talked about
It doesn't matter, that's a waste of time

So take off your rings and lipstick for me

I swear that I can hear you in the wind
You're singing to me and dancing in the halls outside again
I'm always listening

Send me off into space on this rocket invention
We'll look at the lights over the atmosphere
Eat gold medal ribbon till we die
Up here it's self-sabotage, suffocation, and stale taste of blood


I'll teach you to love, oh
I'll teach you to love, oh


(I swear, I swear, I swear, oh)

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