Pete Rock and CL Smooth - Searching Lyrics

Pete Rock and CL Smooth Lyrics

Searching Lyrics
[CL Smooth]
You're everything that I dream about, talk about
Walk around and brag about, cause I don't give a damn about
What they say, what he say, or she say
I'm addicted like drugs to your loving, but hey
You got me strung like I'm young and it's crazy
You're making me nervous, I don't deserve this, I'm Swayze
I wish I could be but you really got a hold on me
With your sex appeal, I'm telling you how I feel, shit is real
Now I don't really want to play myself so I say to myself:
"Son get a grip and don't slip"
Cause I don't want you to think I'm some clown from out of town
I get down, I've been around, I ain't no hand-me-down
So you gotta show respect for me if you're checking for me
And don't sweat me cause I really don't want no sweat on me
If you got it, good, flaunt it
You know what it takes and you know how I want it

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