Pete Rock and CL Smooth - In the Flesh Lyrics

Pete Rock and CL Smooth Lyrics

In the Flesh Lyrics
"In the flesh" --> Big Daddy Kane (cut & scratched 2x)

[CL Smooth]
Introducing funk from the yard, collecting strictly knockouts
The broters I sparred, which only means the man got nothing to prove
On a power move made by the CL Smooth
Live 495 I arrive in person
Hard dialogue without a whole bunch of cursing
It's my perrogitive, so back up and live, fool
As long as they don't violate everything's cool, cause it's all good
Understood is the smoothest daddy with the roughest raps
Am I thinking about blowing the spot? Perhaps
Carry straps on strips for the trigger-happy pirates
Where ladies catch fits steady reaching for my privates
But hold, how I unfold my whole repotoire
Now here we are at home to make another superstar
With Rob-O indeed R with the P.R.
But nevertheless it's CL Smooth

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