Shredded Metal Lyrics by Ninja Sex Party

Ninja Sex Party Lyrics

Shredded Metal Lyrics
So for the past three and a half years, Ninja Brian and I have been working on the most intense metal song of all time.
It's finally ready, so prepare your body for this shit.
Go, Ninja Brian!

That's... that's not it. No. That's not...

Oh, you took some liberties? That's... that's not metal. Play it right, please.

That's the sa-... That's the same so-...
Just, it's th-...

That's just the underwater effect on the same song. Come on, man.

Brian, I know you love bloopy reggae jams. Now is not the time.

Could you please play the actual metal song?
That we worked on for three and a half years?

Back when Satan ruled the la-

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