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From the Album A Dotted Line (2014) (buy at

From the Album Reasons Why: The Very Best (2006) (buy at
Reasons Why: The Very Best
The Lighthouse's Tale
Out Of The Woods
When In Rome
Somebody More Like You
Reasons Why
Can't Complain
I Should've Known Better
This Side
Jealous Of The Moon
When You Come Back Down
The Fox

From the Album Why Should the Fire Die? (2005) (buy at
Why Should the Fire Die?
When in Rome
Somebody More Like You
Jealous of the Moon
Can't Complain
Tomorrow is a Long Time
Best of Luck
Doubting Thomas
Why Should the Fire Die?

From the Album Lighthouse Tale (2002) (buy at
Lighthouse Tale
The Lighthouses Tale (Radio Edit)
The Fox (Live)
Let It Fall (Live)
The Lighthouses Tale (Video)

From the Album This Side (2002) (buy at
This Side
Beauty And The Mess
Brand New Sidewalk
Green And Gray
Hanging By A Thread
House Carpenter
I Should've Known Better
Sabra Girl
Seven Wonders
Smoothie Song
Spit On A Stranger
This Side

From the Album Nickel Creek (2000) (buy at
Nickel Creek
Cuckoo's Nest
In The House Of Tom Bombadil
Ode To A Butterfly
Out Of The Woods
Pastures New
Reasons Why
Robin And Marian
Sweet Afton
The Fox
The Hand Song
The Lighthouse's Tale
When You Come Back Down

From the Album Little Cowpoke (1998) (buy at
Little Cowpoke
Ride Cowboy Ride
Pecos Bill
I'm An Old Cowhand
Chant Of The Wanderer
I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart
Back In The Saddle Again
Home On The Range
Git Along Little Dogies
Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Don't Fence Me In
Happy Trails

Nickel Creek Info:

Nickel Creek is an American progressive acoustic music trio formed in 1989 in Southern California. The two families, the Watkinses and the Thiles, met after Sean Watkins and Chris Thile had mandolin lessons with the same music instructor, John Moore. -Wikipedia

Also known as:
The Nickel Creek Band

Vista, California, USA

Progressive bluegrass

Years active:
1989-2007, 2014-present

Sugar Hill Records, Nonesuch/Elektra Records

Associated acts:
Alison Krauss, Mutual Admiration Society, Dolly Parton, Punch Brothers, Switchfoot, Fiction Family

Name Origin:
The band name comes from a song by Byron Berline, who was Sara Watkins' fiddle instructor.

Chris Thile (mandolin)
Sara Watkins (fiddle)
Sean Watkins (guitar)

Former Members:
Mark Schatz (string bass)
Scott Thile
Edgar Meyer
Byron House
Robert Trujillo

Nickel Creek Quotes:
We are tempted to distance ourselves from the things that are truly powerful and beautiful in life. Faith is certainly one of those things. Faith is huge, and so are friendships and our family relationships. ... Anything that is truly worthwhile is both powerful and dangerous at the same time. Anything that is truly beautiful and lovely can also turn twisted and ugly. But we can't hide from all of that. That's what is real." -Chris

And actually, it sounds really almost fake, but we have these blankets on the bus, and we laid out three of them, and we laid on them and had wine and chocolate and bread and brie and berries. And Chris read aloud to us and it was AWESOME! -Sara

You know, I was talking to my friend -- it's a pity that some words, like some ways of describing things have become so common that you don't even think about what they mean. Like the moon hanging from the sky - literally tonight, it looks like this little sliver was hanging from the sky. And I'm thinking that's a stupid thing to say because everyone says it so much...but that's what it looked like. So I said it, dangit! -Sara

CHRIS: When Sean & I spike our hair a lot, we usually try to have our own tricaritop competitions which is...
SARA: Chris's usually looks like a cactus

CHRIS: In honor of Glen Phillips being a rock star and everything, you know everyone knows this...right? Rock on..Okay, it's just too much rock for one hand, try it out.
SARA: Chris is very proud of this discovery.

SARA: And the only reason we shamelessly promote these [the cds] is because Fielding, our road manager -- it breaks his spirits to lug around the merch bag every day.
CHRIS: It positively breaks his spirits
SARA: And he said that it breaks his spirits...

That's what I always say, I wouldn't wear it if it didn't have a kangaroo on it. -Sara

SEAN: The funny thing about album delays is we're like ready to do the next one right now, and this one hasn't even come out. So...but oh well
GLEN PHILLIPS: Most people'll think we're really Olympic with the next one coming out so soon after.
SEAN: You guys do like an album a month.

GLEN: I, myself, will be moving to the Fred Meyer store...they have a fine community there and an excellent soccer team.
SEAN: Can I be on your soccer team?
GLEN: You can be on my soccer team.
SEAN: All right!

Audrey. That's my mandolin's name. A mix of Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Tatu. -Chris

Mandolins are like ships. -Chris

Nickel Creek Awards
Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Folk Album
San Diego Music Award for Best Americana Album "This Side"

IBMA Award for Instrumental Group of the Year
San Diego Music Award for Best Country

International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) Award for Emerging Artist of the Year

Tour Dates:

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