Nelly - Motto Remix Lyrics

Nelly Lyrics

Motto Remix Lyrics
Get low baby get low
From the north side I hit the north side wall
You said it wake up pretty curves in the condo [?] on your ti tie
Auto pilot that's how you like r o ride it
Then you got our cola please don't bite it
Just breath please don't fight it got sex in the [?] hear flying
I am over that [?] got fifty [?] show me what you got
A bad bee better [?] got money on the table big as Nevada
Seen it all one time if you got it seen it all yeah I am coaching this shit like [?]
Beat the pussy up then I drink a peregrine
Cameras on my room so I get [?] yeah we love this shit you know
Come a lot [?] country [?] north time baby east side [?] all day long
If it ain't [?] it ain't [?] what is up [?] 24
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