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Lotus Remix Lyrics
12.24, oh-oh

Let me draw that for you
Let me paint that picture
Let me climb on top of you and get you something I'm
Get you something I'm fetching!
I wanna make you scream, wanna make your body shake
No sound baby, just breath
No sound baby, just breath
Inhale that XO, put that lotus all on my face every time I throw this all in your face
That real shit, that 69, the realest shit I shouldn't mind

Yeah, we ain't' breaking 'em now
We ain't' breaking 'em low
That Lotus Bomb so good you got me out here one mo'
You got me out here going wild, that pussy feeling like wow
I'm lost all in that good sex, baby how you trying to be foul
(Yea) Here take it off (take it)
Right there baby don't stop 'till it gets off to you
(Uh) got me tuggin all on your g-string
Girl, let me help you out of that g-string

It's a fantasy
I feel it when you're sexing me
Feeling like you need to be my lady
Oh, f*ck a girl, get wild

I ain't tripping about that shit, ain't' gotta get that practice
I ain't tripping about that shit, them others niggers ain't' happy
Baby tripping about that shit, you're all over my space
Anything that's fantasy I that shit you never taste
Be that shit you never feel, that shit you never know
It bothers you, never popping here, that kush you never blow
I push you baby, I come, I keep the pussy alive
Give the pussy that CPR, I save it for the next time
Feel that, that feel right, take a couple days off right
Then I'm back at it baby, as long as you hear right
Damn girl, you are, you are so sexy
Every time I see that Lotus it's a


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